3 In 1 White Coffee Mix


White coffee is a popular coffee drink originating from Ipoh. The coffee beans are roasted with palm oil margarine, giving it a distinct aromatic taste. The flavour is further elevated by adding milk or creamer. Our instant premix coffee has the ideal balance of coffee, sugar and creamer which gives delight to anyone who drinks it. Just add hot water and a cup of delicious, aromatic coffee is ready to serve.


Shelf Life: 12 months
Recognitions: JAKIM Halal, GMP, HACCP & ISO 22000
Unit Packaging Size: 1 packet = 1 kg
Carton Packing Size: 1 carton = 20 packets
Storage condition: Keep in cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight.
Advantages: – No artificial colours
– No added preservatives
– Simple and neat preparation
– Product consistency